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Karolina Plan

Karolina, an accomplished coach, founded Plan Create Renovate in 2023, channeling her wealth of experience into guiding individuals through transformative journeys. With a focus on personalized strategies, she assists clients in navigating challenges, setting impactful goals, and cultivating resilience. Karolina’s coaching philosophy emphasizes a sincere dedication to each client’s unique path, fostering a supportive and empowering environment.


As the founder of Plan Create Renovate, she envisions the platform as more than a coaching service—it’s a transformative space where individuals can explore potential, overcome obstacles, and create positive change. Karolina’s coaching style reflects a genuine commitment to each client’s journey, cultivating a supportive and empowering atmosphere. Her goal is to inspire lasting transformation, providing individuals with the tools to achieve immediate objectives and build a foundation for sustained success.


With a relentless passion for continuous learning and development, Karolina remains at the forefront of coaching methodologies and trends. Through her work at Plan Create Renovate, she is dedicated to providing a transformative platform, unlocking true potential, and paving the way for a more fulfilled and purpose-driven life.

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Karolina’s services are rooted in proven principles and designed for personalized growth. In her one-on-one coaching sessions, she specializes in helping individuals navigate stress and enhance their coping mechanisms. Drawing from her expertise in personality development, positive approaches, emotional intelligence, and authentic leadership, Karolina is committed to guiding clients on a journey of holistic development and achievement.

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Time Management

 Overcome procrastination, manage overcommitment, prioritize effectively, and achieve work-life balance. Your guide to reclaiming control and maximizing productivity


Navigate through negative thought patterns, conquer stress, embrace self-acceptance, and foster self-compassion. Your guide to a happier, more resilient life, one mindful step at a time.

High Performance

Set and achieve goals, sharpen focus, cultivate clarity, nurture a high-performance mindset, and channel purposeful energy. Your guide to reaching new heights in personal and professional excellence.


Explore the intricacies of strategic thinking, refine decision-making skills, fuel personal development, and deepen self-awareness. Your guide to achieving executive excellence and fostering impactful leadership.

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    Transformation is real with Karolina’s ‘Plan, Create, Renovate’ approach. Personalized success strategies that work! – Laura S.